Emma RangeFor years  lightening my candles in the evening was a ritual but  I had no idea I was subjecting my family , the environment and myself to inhaling toxins,additives and artificial dyes. Then I discovered soya wax candles, no parbens, no toxins and colourings.

Emma’s eco candles is based in Ardee Co.Louth. There are candles in glass tumblers, wax tart melts and smaller  candles in attractive tin packaging.  Environmentally friendly and reusable

Soya wax burn longer are cleaner and cooler . There are 7 fragrances, lemongrass, lavender, orange and , spring romance, citrus, harmony blend and the newbie neroli blossom. They are divine and the glass tumblers can burn up to 50 hrs.Neroli blossom  is soothing and calming ,the perfect  chill out candle. This candle leaves the room smelling fab and I think this candle just smells of posh and as Luxurious as you can get , but not in an overpowering way.

 50 hr candle- €19.95

20 hr candle- €9.95

wax tart melts- €4.95

Available in pharmacies nationwide or visit www.emmas.ie.