Declaré Ireland is a Swiss company.
It is also the first company to set up their cosmetics house solely for sensitive skin.
It is sold in over 80 pharmacies and beauty salons in Ireland .

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Age essential range from Declaré Ireland is aimed for 50+.
It has SRC complex that works on strengthening sensitive skin which is thinner and more delicate and finer.
It also had hylaronic acid which is great for keeping moisture in the skin .
Peony extract is great for hormonal issues and redness .
€59.50 and comes with a special gift at the moment. Screen Shot 2017-08-25 at 08.35.02

Your New Urban all round defence!

Prepares your skin for the challenges of modern life. A combination of selected active ingredients with precious plant extracts supports the skin’s defence and helps prevent skin ageing caused by radiation and enviornmental influences relating to the appliances used in modern living.
The youthful radiance of the skin is retained and the formation of phot-ageing and hyperpigmentationis tackled. At the same time skin is moisturised and the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles is reduced. €59.50.

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This Highly Effective Mask With Healing Clay Regulates Keratinisation And Thus Prevents Clogging Of The Pores. At The Same Time, It Regulates Sebum Production And Refines Your Pores. It Has A Clarifying Effect On The Skin And Helps To Reduce Pimples. With Regular Use, Your Skin Will Become Clean And Clear And You Will Have A Fresh, Matte Complexion.€25.95. Screen Shot 2017-08-25 at 08.37.04